A vibrant desk features a colorful tropical-themed design on the front panels, depicting birds and plants. The desk has teal legs and a wooden top. In front of the desk is a mustard yellow cushioned stool with studded trim. Decorative items are placed on top of the desk.

Funky Airbnb

John contacted us after seeing a dressing table we had sold and wanting something equally as bold and funky for his newly purchased Airbnb property in Brighton. In a highly competitive market, John wanted to use...

A vintage vanity table with a matching stool, painted in deep blue. The drawers and stool have pink fronts adorned with vibrant illustrations of various birds and animals, including flamingos, parrots, zebras, koalas, and monkeys, on each drawer surface.

Blue Bedroom Suite

Claire reached out to us as she had wanted to commission a dressing table, stool and a storage cupboard for her bedroom.   “… I love my furniture! Brenda was super helpful and responsive and made the whole...