Dressing Table, Stool

Dutch Delft Delight

Chan got in contact as she had seen a dressing table we had sold and wanted to commission something similar to put in her guest bedroom. She wanted it to be funky and unique and a talking point for her guests, but not too over the top. In addition to the dressing table, Chan wanted a matching stool and mirror.


“… The finished product looks absolutely amazing, the finishing is to a very high standard….”

CHAN – Client





As part of the brainstorming session we had with Chan, we were able to work out her top priorities in regard to specific features she wanted on the furniture like the Queen Anne-style legs, a walnut top and a piano stool that could open up.

During a call with Chan, she showed me these beautiful Dutch Delft tiles that were on the fireplace in her guest bedroom and we decided to use that as inspiration for the furniture design. Chan already had red bedding and a large gold gild frame mirror so combining those elements, we created a mood board with some Dutch fabrics that would complement the room.




Part of the process of commissioning a piece of vintage furniture is sourcing the exact right elements for the final product. In this case, it was a dressing table, a mirror, a stool, fabric and hardware for the dressing table drawers.

Working with Chan, we sent her any pieces that we felt were suitable and worked with her to decide on the right pieces of furniture. At the end of the day, this furniture is going to be a part of Chan’s home and we really wanted her to feel a connection to each piece and be part of that design and decision-making process.

Once we had sourced all the pieces of furniture, the Dutch fabric, and the vintage drawer handles and decided on the final design, we got to work creating the perfect bedroom set for Chan.




As part of our commission service, we kept in constant communication with Chan and sent her pictures of the progress so she could be part of the process and make any changes before it was too late.

One thing Chan was really worried about was transporting the finished bedroom set to her and it being damaged on the way. We package our furniture very well for this reason – we’re talking bubble wrap, blankets, cardboard and industrial shrink wrap! Plus, the courier we use has not let us down (yet!)

We had so much fun creating this bedroom set and it looks amazing in its new home!


May 17, 2024