My Services
The different ways I can help you create the perfect furniture for your home

Have you inherited a sentimental piece of furniture from a relative or have a non-sentimental, high-quality antique or vintage piece of furniture that needs some TLC?

I offer a range of services that can bring your treasured pieces back to life including:

  • REPAIRING From minor dents and gouges to minor structural repairs, I can turn back the clock by repairing your wood furniture.
  • STRIPPING Is your furniture hidden under layers of old paint or varnish? I can bring back its natural beauty by stripping it down and refinishing it (if needed).
  • REFINISHING This comprehensive service goes beyond simply fixing furniture; it’s about breathing new life into your cherished heirlooms. Each piece undergoes a meticulous restoration process, ensuring its structural integrity and lasting beauty
  • RESTORATION – This comprehensive service restores a piece of furniture to the best condition possible. I don’t just restore furniture, I bring heirlooms back to life. Every piece receives the care it deserves, ensuring your cherished possessions are preserved for generations.
  • MODERNISATION – I take pride in transforming vintage and antique furniture into stunning pieces that complement modern and contemporary aesthetics. My approach respects the heritage of each piece, whether it’s highlighting the original wood grain with a subtle stain or replacing dated hardware with sleek, modern alternatives. The result? A unique conversation starter that seamlessly blends the charm of the past with the clean lines of today.
G Plan Coffee Table before being refinished and redesigned G Plan Coffee Table after being refinished and restored

Do you have a piece of furniture that no longer fits with your decor style? Do you want to modernise your furniture? I can work with you to re-imagine a piece of furniture and restyle it using a variety of techniques, including:

  • PAINT I can achieve a variety of stunning effects, from textured finishes and blended colours to captivating faux metallic looks. With the right paint and technique, your vision becomes a reality.
  • DECOUPAGE Applying decorative wallpaper, fabric, or tissue to furniture surfaces (e.g., drawer fronts, doors). The design is then sealed with multiple coats of varnish for lasting protection.
  • METAL LEAF Elevate your furniture with the brilliance of gold, silver, or coloured leaf. Highlight specific details or create a dramatic statement by covering larger areas. For a touch of understated elegance, metallic gilding wax adds a subtle shimmer to accentuate details.
  • STENCILLING – Add captivating details or create stunning repeating patterns across large areas with my furniture stencilling service. From a single, statement-making design to intricate all-over patterns, stencils offer endless possibilities. For an extra touch, consider embossed stencils that create a beautiful 3D effect.
  • TRANSFERS – Furniture transfers offer a stunning alternative to wallpaper, fabric or tissue decoupage. Single images can be strategically placed, or multiple images layered and grouped together to create an impactful image to transform your painted furniture into a unique work of art.

Stop scouring endless websites and stores! My furniture sourcing service leverages my expert knowledge and a keen eye for style to track down the exact piece you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind cocktail cabinet or an unusual shaped dressing table, I’ll use my resources to make your furniture vision a reality. Simply tell me your desired style, function, or the space that needs filling, and I will handle the hunt, saving you time and frustration.

A woman wearing glasses and a white shirt under overalls leans on a white dresser in a workshop filled with stacked chairs and various pieces of furniture. A window on the left side emits natural light, illuminating the space. She smiles at the camera.
Who Do I Serve?
Homeowners & Individuals

I cater to homeowners seeking to refresh their existing living spaces, as well as those embarking on new beginnings by moving into a new home or renovating their current one. I help you to create a space you'll love!

Families Inheriting Heirlooms

I specialise in helping families breathe new life into cherished furniture passed down through generations. Let me help you preserve these special pieces while ensuring they fit seamlessly into your modern home.

Estate Agents & Interior Designers

We support real estate agents by crafting captivating furniture for property staging, and assist interior designers and decorators in finding distinctive pieces that make their design visions a reality.

Boutique Hotels & Air BnB Hosts

We cater to boutique hotels and Airbnb hosts seeking unique furniture to elevate their guest experiences and set their properties apart from the competition.

Eco-Conscious Individuals

We cater to eco-conscious individuals who prioritise sustainable living practices. Our furniture creation process incorporates eco-friendly materials and techniques whenever possible, allowing you to style your home with a conscience.

Available to Commission
Furniture in stock in my workshop, ready to be transformed!
A person in glasses and overalls holds up five colorful wooden sticks, displaying them in front of the camera. The sticks are red, green, blue, and two different shades of yellow. The background includes indoor plants and neutral-colored walls.

I can restore, revive or re-imagine your furniture in a fresh and contemporary way using a variety of techniques. Find out about my commission process and how I can help you to create the perfect furniture for your home.

Commission Process
My Values
Outstanding Service

I believe in making you feel special throughout your entire experience. Browse my pieces, ask me anything, and let me guide you through the design and refinishing process. I'll ensure a seamless journey with a focus on your needs.

Clear Communication

Transparency is my top priority. You can rest assured you will have clear communication with someone who understands your vision for the project. I will keep you informed every step of the way, with regular photo updates, and even video calls if you prefer a more interactive experience.

Eco-Conscious & Sustainable

Whenever possible, I use eco-friendly refinishing products and prioritise sourcing materials from UK brands. This reduces our environmental footprint and supports local businesses, both key to our sustainable mission. Plus, with every project, I partner with Just One Tree to plant a tree in your name! By choosing Phoenix Furniture Studio, you're not just restoring a piece, you're helping restore our environment.

Exceptional Quality

Quality is paramount. I select only the best vintage furniture, pieces designed and constructed with longevity in mind. When I refinish them, I use premium quality materials to ensure your treasure endures for years to come.

Client Testimonials
It looks gorgeous

“... Loving the sideboard ❤ it looks gorgeous especially when it's sunny!...”

A wooden sideboard with mid-century modern design stands against a white wall. It features two doors and three drawers. On the sideboard are a green vase with white flowers, a decorative box, and two candlesticks with red and beige candles.
It exceeded expectations

…I’ve just arrived home and OH MY WORD! It’s stunning! Thank you so so much. I’m so happy with it...

A vintage wooden cabinet with ornate grain patterns and decorative handles is topped with an open bar compartment displaying a variety of glassware and bottles. The interior is lined with blue wallpaper featuring a geometric design. Plants and a framed picture are nearby.
Even better than the photos!

"…My tables look absolutely perfect. I am thrilled. I have been looking for a nest of tables for a year. They have all been soooo boring, but not now!…"

The Exquisite Mid Century MCM Walnut Tallboy 6 Drawers Chest Of Drawers by Meredew stands against a white brick wall, with its six drawers featuring curved metal handles. Lush green plants flank it on the left, while dried pampas grass in a clear vase is placed on the right. A framed minimalist artwork hangs above the dresser.

“…Thanks so much, the furniture looks amazing! Thanks again for all your help both of you!…“

A vintage wooden desk with curved legs painted in teal and yellow with botanical illustrations on the drawers. The desk is decorated with a lamp, a stack of books, a sculpture, and a small plant in a pot. The background features a white brick wall and wooden floor.

"...Fabulous set of drawers. So pleased. Brenda made the collection painless with quick comms and assistance. Highly recommended..."

A small dresser with a black frame and three blue drawers, each featuring a yellow diamond-shaped design. The dresser has six round, yellow knobs. On top of the dresser are decorative items including two vases and a head-shaped sculpture. The background is a brick wall.
Absolutely Stunning

"...They were very patient and keen to design and make exactly what I wanted. The finished product looks absolutely amazing, the finishing is to a very high standard. The final pieces are absolutely stunning and many of my family and friends are very impressed..."

A vintage wooden vanity set painted in navy blue with ornate, colorful floral patterns on the drawers and stool cushion. The offset drawers feature yellow and red floral designs, and a circular mirror is attached to the vanity. The set sits on a white wooden floor.
Really Creative

"…Brenda has created some really unique and amazing furniture for my holiday let which has really made my property stand out from the crowd. Really creative and highly professional at all times…"

A vibrant, vintage-style vanity with colorful tropical designs on the drawers and purple legs stands against a white brick wall. The vanity features a matching stool with a yellow cushion. A purple vase with flowers and a gold pineapple decor item are on top.

"...Superb in all ways..."

A wooden table features a black surface with a vibrant leopard print design. On top are decorative items, including a potted plant, a small statue, and a book. Beneath the table are two wooden stools with matching wood patterns. The setting is against a white brick wall.
I love my furniture!

"...I love my furniture! Brenda was super helpful and responsive and made the whole process so easy. Every piece is unique and I can do nothing but recommend her..."

A vintage wooden desk with elegant curved legs and deep blue accents. The desk is adorned with colorful, vibrant wildlife-themed panels, featuring exotic birds, koalas, and flowers. A matching upholstered stool sits beneath it. Dried plants and candle on top.
So Pleased

"...These guys did a lovely job on a dressing table. I'm so pleased with the result - it's such a joyful, colourful, and unique piece of furniture and the colours are spot on. Thanks!..."

A colorful vanity features intricate floral and bird designs on a yellow and blue backdrop. It has a large mirror, blue and yellow turned legs, and a cushioned yellow seat. The background includes a white brick wall, leafy plants, and framed artwork.
Bought To Life

"...Got a Map of The World coffee table in the 70s brass surround glass top on hardwood legs bought back to life. Thanks very much. Very good, even put pads on the bottom so wouldn't scratch floor. Great job Cheers..."

A rectangular wooden coffee table with a glass top decorated with an antique world map design. The table has sturdy legs and is placed on a light-colored wooden floor. In the background, part of a couch and a woven basket can be seen.
Very Good Service

"...Very good service and I love the chest of drawers. It’s just want I wanted and great quality..."

A mid-century modern wooden dresser with gold accents and three drawers, each with two round knobs. The dresser stands on gold cabriole legs and is placed on a wooden floor against a white brick wall, flanked by a leafy plant and pampas grass in a vase.
Delighted with the whole experience

"...I am absolutely delighted with the whole experience. They kept me informed during the whole process and I am over the moon with the finish. Such a professional efficient service and very good value for money when considering the price of current modern day furniture..."

A vintage white secretary desk with an angled writing surface and three drawers featuring ornate brass handles. The desk is situated on a wooden floor, with a potted green plant to the left and tall, dried pampas grass in a vase to the right.

"...just to say we're delighted with our chest of drawers!..."

A dark blue dresser with three drawers is adorned with an intricate, multicolored leaf pattern. It is placed against a white brick wall, surrounded by lush green plants, wicker decor, and a metal lantern. The dresser is topped with a white sculpture, a dish, and a candle.
Communication was fantastic

"...Brenda was amazing from the very first communication. She listened to what I wanted, strive to understand my style and the look I was going for and provided so many inspiring ideas. Communication was fantastic throughout. I couldn't recommend her service more highly and will definitely be commissioning some more pieces in the future..."

A vintage vanity table with vibrant green legs and sides, adorned with drawer fronts and a matching stool covered in yellow fabric with tropical bird and foliage patterns. The tabletop has a natural wood finish. Decorative elements include plants and a stylish mirror.
Why Choose Vintage Furniture

More than furniture, it's a conversation piece with the past! That vintage sideboard? It wasn't just built, it lived. It might have witnessed the first moon landing or the rise of iconic trends. Imagine the stories it could tell of roaring twenties parties or the music scene that blossomed alongside Art Deco design. When you choose vintage, you bring a piece of history home.


Solid wood furniture isn't just built, it's crafted to endure. Imagine a 1930's chest of drawers – still gleaming today! That's the testament to solid wood's enduring beauty. But the magic goes beyond durability. Look closer and you'll find the soul of the piece – intricate dovetail joints, smooth-gliding drawers, and exquisite carvings – a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of a bygone era.


In today's fast-paced world, furniture often gets tossed aside for the latest trends. Upcycling offers a sustainable alternative. By giving pre-loved pieces a makeover, you're not just acquiring a unique treasure, you're helping the environment. Upcycling keeps valuable materials out of landfills and promotes a ``circular economy`` where resources are used and reused, lessening our environmental footprint. It's a win-win for your home and the planet!

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