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If you're just getting started in your furniture refinishing journey, here are all the products that I use day to day in my workshop
A collection of blue cleaning supplies neatly arranged on a white background. Items include rubber gloves, a scrub brush, a spray bottle with blue liquid, a dustpan and brush, a squeegee, and two sponges.

The tools and products I use to clean and prep my pieces of furniture

A variety of tools and objects are laid out on a wooden workbench. Visible items include safety goggles, a cordless drill, a rotary tool, a wrench, and several other small tools and hardware. The center of the workbench is mostly clear, showing a worn surface.

The tools and products I use to sand my furniture pieces

A close-up image of a red plastic case containing several different types of screwdriver bits. The case is open, revealing the metallic bits, each designed for various screw head types, including flathead and Phillips. The background is dark and contrasts with the red case.

The tools and products I use to repair damage to my furniture pieces

A close-up of a gloved hand using a blue-handled putty knife to scrape a textured white wall. The glove is black with white paint specks, and the putty knife has a metal blade with remnants of dried plaster.

The tools and products I use to strip my pieces of furniture

A paint roller with a white, slightly worn foam cover and red paint-splattered handle rests against a plain white background. The handle has a metallic extension connecting to the roller, which shows signs of paint use.

The tools and products I use to prime my furniture pieces

A paint roller, a wooden stirring stick, and an open can of light purple paint with its lid placed beside it are arranged on a light purple background. The roller is on the left, the stirring stick is in the center, and the paint can and lid are on the right.

The tools and products I use to paint my pieces of furniture

An open book lies on top of a wooden desk, with a spiral notebook partially visible in the background. The desk features ornate metal corner protectors and a latch. The background is blurred, focusing attention on the desk and the book.

The tools and products I use to seal and finish my furniture pieces

A close-up image of crinkled gold foil. The surface has a textured, uneven appearance, with varying shades of gold that catch the light, creating a shimmering effect. The foil is characterized by its metallic shine and intricate folds.
Gold Leaf

The products I use to gold leaf my furniture

A neatly arranged collection of tools on a wooden surface includes a hammer, pliers, screws, nails, a roll of electrical tape, a pink level, a utility knife, and various screwdriver bits.

The tools I can't live without in the workshop!

Close-up image of various shades of leather fabric hanging in a row. The colors range from light beige to dark blue and brown, showcasing different textures and finishes. The focus is primarily on the blue leather piece, with others slightly blurred.

The tools and products I use to upholster my stools

A black chalkboard with a white wooden frame hangs on a red brick wall. The word "Workshop" is written on the chalkboard in large, white cursive letters, with an underline below it.

Everything else that you might find in my workshop!

Two cardboard boxes on a wooden floor. The boxes are partially open, revealing their corrugated texture. The wooden floor has a rustic, slightly worn appearance, adding a touch of character to the scene. The image gives a sense of moving or storage.

What I use to package my furniture to ensure damage-free delivery by courier!

A professional DSLR camera with an attached lens is mounted on a compact, adjustable tripod. The background and floor are made of white wooden planks, providing a rustic and clean setting. The camera and tripod are black and appear ready for use.
Filming Equipment

The equipment I use to film for YouTube and social media