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You will find all my projects below, with links to the products that I used to create the piece, start to finish!
A small table with a colorful, intricate patterned top, holding a purple vase filled with flowers and a copper lamp. Underneath the table is a beige and black insulated bag. The setup is against a white brick wall and wooden floor.
Decoupage Plant Stand
A G Plan Astro Mid Century Modern Vintage Teak Coffee Table from the 1960's with curved legs is placed against a white brick wall. On the table are books, a dog figurine, a potted plant, a white mug, a copper container, and a white pitcher with a wooden handle. The floor is wooden.
G-Plan Astro Coffee Table Restoration
Two **G-Plan Style Mid Century Nest of Two Side Tables** with a green and gold abstract design are placed on a wooden floor against a white brick wall. The top table holds a lamp with an exposed bulb, marble base, and a stack of books. The wall displays a "Flip It & Restore It" logo.
Gold Leaf Nest Tables
The G-Plan Librenza Mid Century Modern Black and Tola Vintage Coffee Table from the 1950s, adorned with a decorative lamp featuring a unique light bulb, gold accents, and a marble base, sits against a white brick wall with a circular logo. On the table are two gold sculptures, a small tray, and a stack of books.
G-Plan Librenza Coffee Table Restoration
A vintage wood vanity table, refinished with teal legs and trim, yellow drawer faces featuring black and white floral designs. It has a polished wood top with a lamp, a stack of books, and a decorative sculpture. The table sits on a white wooden floor with two potted plants.
Grey Cranes Dressing Table
Blue & Gold Lebus Drawers
A vintage vanity with navy blue legs and a wooden tabletop stands against a white brick wall. The drawers feature vibrant red and gold floral patterns. An ornate, triple-panel mirror sits on top, with reflections visible in the mirror.
Dutch Delft Dressing Table
A tall navy blue dresser with seven drawers is adorned with gold diamond-shaped knobs. A green potted plant is positioned on top of the dresser. The background features a red brick wall.
Gold Stripe Drawers
A G-Plan Sierra Teak Bookcase Drinks Cabinet with hairpin legs showcases two shelves adorned with decorative items, including a gold mask, a ceramic owl, and small animal figurines. The back panel is enhanced with black-and-white animal-themed wallpaper. Below the shelves lies an enclosed storage area. The scene also includes a chair, a book, and a potted plant.
G-Plan Sierra Bookcase
The Mid Century Beautility Drinks Cabinet, a vintage 1960's walnut cocktail bar, showcases peacock artwork on its doors and drawers. It features teal accents and slender black legs. Atop the cabinet sit a gold cylindrical vase, a small white vase with pink flowers, and a lamp with an exposed bulb.
Beautility Drinks Cabinet
The Queen Anne Painted Burr Walnut Bedroom Set, comprising a dressing table/vanity and a stool, showcases vibrant, tropical floral and bird-themed panels. The vanity desk boasts teal legs supporting a wooden top adorned with a white vase of dried flowers and a small sculpture. Complementing the desk is a stool featuring an inviting mustard-yellow cushion.
Green Tropical Dressing Table
The Queen Anne Painted Walnut Bedroom Set features a dressing table adorned with floral and botanical motifs on its drawers, complemented by elegant purple legs. The set includes an accompanying upholstered stool in a cheerful yellow hue. A vase filled with flowers and a decorative pineapple sit atop the table, all set against a backdrop of white brick walls and a striking purple wooden floor.
Purple Tropical Dressing Table
The Faux Bone Inlay Stencil Hand-Painted Vintage Chest of Drawers is a small, green wooden chest with three drawers, each adorned with intricate white floral patterns. The chest stands on four tapered legs and is showcased against a white brick wall background on a hardwood floor.
Faux Bone Inlay Drawers
A wooden table with a black surface featuring a leopard's face and golden floral patterns. On top, there's a decorative sculpture, a small potted plant, and a lamp with a marble base and an exposed bulb. The backdrop is a white brick wall, and the flooring is light wood.
G-Plan Leopard Table
Presenting the Vintage Tallboy Chest Of Drawers Linen Cupboard: a decorative piece featuring a vibrant tropical bird design with flamingos, parrots, and peacocks set against a pink background. The dresser boasts dark blue edges and legs. It's showcased on a wooden floor next to a potted plant and dried pampas grass.
Mythical Linen Cupboard
A Queen Anne Painted Mahogany Bedroom Set, featuring a vanity and stool with blue finish and tropical bird and floral patterns on the drawer fronts and cushion, stands against a white brick wall. The tabletop is adorned with a potted plant, small sculpture, candle, and framed photo. A logo reads "Flip It & Restore It.
Mythical Dressing Table
A blue vintage vanity with floral and bird designs on the drawer fronts. It features gold accents and ornate detailing. Paired with a mustard yellow upholstered stool, the set is placed against a white brick wall with dried pampas grass on the right side.
Blue Tropical Dressing Table
The Vintage Victorian Mahogany Duchess Dressing Table Painted Bedroom Set includes a vanity adorned with a large mirror featuring intricate blue trim. The wooden desk base is painted gold and boasts a vibrant floral design, complemented by matching blue legs and paired with a mustard yellow upholstered stool. Potted plants and framed wall art add decorative touches to the space.
Duchess Dressing Table
A vintage wooden chest of drawers with three drawers, brass knobs, and gold-painted legs is placed against a white brick wall. Above it hangs a geometric art piece with pastel colors. Plants and dried foliage adorn the surroundings, enhancing the rustic decor.
Gold Leaf Drawers
A white wooden dresser with five drawers and vintage-style brass handles stands against a white brick wall. A potted green plant on the left and dried pampas grass on the right accentuate the space. Natural light casts shadows on the dresser and hardwood floor.
Whitewash Vintage Furniture
A hand-painted Tallboy cabinet features a vibrant painting of a woman with curly hair against a warm-toned background. The cabinet rests on black hairpin legs and is surrounded by various plants, a decorative plate, and a framed picture of a cow on a white brick wall.
African Lady Linen Cupboard
A Queen Anne painted walnut dressing table with a brown top and floral-patterned drawers stands against a brick wall. In front of the dressing table, there is a round, light pink upholstered stool from the matching set. Decorative vases with dried foliage adorn the tabletop, while wall art hangs above it.
Green Floral Dressing Table
A Rivington Cocktail Cabinet, a vintage drinks bar from the 1950s with a stunning green and gold Art Deco design and featuring walnut grain adorned with monstera leaf patterns, stands against a white brick wall. The retro bar boasts two lower doors and a smaller upper compartment with a decorative emblem. Surrounding the cabinet are lush plants and ornamental grasses.
Leafy Cocktail Cabinet
The Exquisite Mid Century MCM Walnut Tallboy 6 Drawers Chest Of Drawers by Meredew stands against a white brick wall, with its six drawers featuring curved metal handles. Lush green plants flank it on the left, while dried pampas grass in a clear vase is placed on the right. A framed minimalist artwork hangs above the dresser.
Meredew Tallboy Drawers
Presenting the MCM Circular Round 'Cog' Coffee Table by Nathan Furniture, a striking piece with a distinctive two-tone design. The center features a natural wood finish with an elegant starburst pattern, while the outer edge is hand-painted in black. This stunning table stands on black legs and complements any decor beautifully when placed on a wooden floor, surrounded by plants and decorative items.
Black Cog Table
A MCM Circular Round 'Cog' Coffee Table by Nathan Furniture, hand-painted in soft khaki beige, stands on a light wood floor. It features a unique inlay pattern and a lower shelf. Surrounding the table are various green and dried plants, and a wicker basket, against a backdrop of white brick. A gold-toned accent piece is also nearby.
Neutral Cog Table
A vintage vanity table with vibrant green legs and sides, adorned with drawer fronts and a matching stool covered in yellow fabric with tropical bird and foliage patterns. The tabletop has a natural wood finish. Decorative elements include plants and a stylish mirror.
Green Mythical Dressing Table
A wooden dresser with a teal frame and six yellow drawers featuring floral and bird illustrations. The dresser is set against a white brick wall, adorned with a decorative sunburst mirror. Potted plants and dried flowers are placed around the dresser.
Stag Bedroom Set
A painted dresser stands against a brick wall. The Bohemian Green & Gold: Revamped Harris Lebus MCM Chest of Drawers features a vibrant, abstract portrait of a person's profile on its front, highlighted with various colorful brush strokes. The green and gold frame with ornate details contrasts beautifully with the modern artwork. A decorative metal sunburst hangs above.
Green Boho Stencil Drawers
A dark blue sideboard with three drawers and two large cabinet doors sits on a wooden floor. A sunburst mirror hangs above it on a white brick wall. Decorative plants and pampas grass are placed around the sideboard, enhancing the modern, eclectic decor.
Blue Stag Sideboard
A vintage wooden cabinet with ornate patterns and metal handles stands against a white brick wall. The cabinet is flanked by potted plants on both sides, with tall pampas grass to the right and a leafy green plant to the left. A framed artwork hangs above the cabinet.
Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet
A tall dresser with floral and script designs stands against a white brick wall. The dresser is divided into earthy tones, with pink and white flowers. Surrounding it are various green plants, including potted ferns and pampas grass, adding a natural touch.
Floral Chest of Drawers
A set of three wooden tables with a polished finish, two smaller ones fitting under a larger one, each adorned with a geometric sunburst design featuring gold accents. The tables are placed on a hardwood floor, with a plant and pampas grass in the background.
Sunburst Nest Tables
A white vintage-style sideboard with ornate gold handles and accents stands against a white brick wall. It has four doors and two drawers. A painting of a nature scene hangs above it, and decorative items including a lamp, potted plant, and vase sit on top.
Neutral Sideboard
A white, six-drawer dresser with black handles stands against a white brick wall. On top, a tray with decor items and a round vase are displayed. Surrounding the dresser are potted plants, pampas grass, and a lantern on the floor. A floral artwork hangs above.
Oak Drawers