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What is my process for refinishing furniture?

The process always starts with a good quality piece of furniture. My next step is to thoroughly sand the piece to remove any scratches or unevenness and repair any damage for a smooth surface.

Throughout the process, I use good quality products to achieve a showstopper final finish. When I am finished, all the pieces are structurally sound and fit for purpose. Doors, drawers and hinges all work as they should.

The outcome is an exceptional piece of furniture that will enhance your home interior.

As much as I can, I try to use eco-friendly products and materials to minimise my impact on the environment.

What can I expect with pre-loved furniture?

As with all pre-loved furniture, they may show evidence of their past life with the occasional minor dent or imperfection. Major imperfections are always addressed and repaired to a high standard, but I believe small marks tell the story of the piece’s history and add to its charm.

As this item is hand-painted, it may also show faint brush marks and texture, which adds to the uniqueness and character of the piece.

Please also note that due to lighting, colours may vary slightly from those in the photos. Please kindly keep this in mind during your purchase.

How I do care for my piece of furniture?

All my pieces are treated with a couple of protective coats of wax, or a clear varnish, which means that they will stand up very well to everyday wear and tear. Newly painted furniture will take around 28 days to ‘cure’ (i.e. harden). Unless advised otherwise, allow at least two weeks from the date of delivery for the curing process to complete. During this time it is advised to avoid using the furniture or handle it with extreme care. Both the wax and the varnish offer some water resistance, but the furniture will not be waterproof! Water and furniture are not a good combination! The occasional spill will not be a problem, but make sure to clean it up as soon as possible so the water does not soak into the wood. Waxes dissolve in alcohol, so in particular, avoid any alcohol spills.

Always use a coaster for your cups and mugs to protect your furniture.

When cleaning your furniture piece, dusting it with a soft cloth is best. If the piece needs to be wiped, then use a lint-free cloth and dampen it slightly. Avoid using furniture polish and sprays.

Extreme temperature changes may cause damage to the finish. Therefore, don’t place your furniture next to a radiator or an air conditioning unit, instead keep it in a location where changes in temperature will be less extreme.

Hot items should never be placed directly onto the painted surface as this can cause irreparable damage.

Painted furniture can change colour with prolonged exposure to natural light so regularly rotate any ornaments/lamps to avoid any changes in colour where an object has stood.

These are just a few of the most important tips for caring for your new piece of painted furniture. Caring for your painted piece of furniture is easier than you think and doesn’t require much effort. By simply sticking to these few simple rules, you will ensure that it stays in perfect condition for many more years to come!

What is the delivery process?

Check out our Shipping page for all the info