Dressing Table, Stool

Bold, Blue & Beautiful

Catherine reached out to us as she had wanted to commission a dressing table and stool for her bedroom.


“… These guys did a lovely job on a dressing table. I sent them measurements of the space I had available which was not huge, and in a corner, as I’d not been able to find a suitable dressing table anywhere. They sent me photos of lots of pieces of furniture that might work; I chose one and they got started! I sent pictures of the decor in the room, and they put together an online mood board and mockup to give me an idea, then got to work. I’m so pleased with the result – it’s such a joyful, colourful, and unique piece of furniture and the colours are spot on. Thanks!….”






When discussing the requirements for the dressing table with Catherine during our initial consultation, she was looking for something that would fit into a small corner of her bedroom.

With these measurements in hand, I knew the standard dressing table size wouldn’t fit so I was going to need to source something a bit more unusual.

In the end, I managed to source a gorgeous Victorian duchess-style dressing table which was the perfect size to fit in the space!




Catherine sent over some photos of the colours she already had in her (stunning) décor at home to use as inspiration for the colour palette of the dressing table.

Using these colours, I put together a mood board with some inspiration photos, and incorporated the yellow tropical wallpaper that Catherine wanted to include in the final design




As part of my commission service, I kept in constant communication with Catherine and sent her pictures of the progress so she could be part of the process and see her dressing table and stool come to life.

Once it was all ready, we dropped it off with Catherine and got to admire her beautiful interiors in person!


May 17, 2024