Bedside Cabinets, Dressing Table, Stool

Funky Airbnb

John contacted us after seeing a dressing table we had sold and wanting something equally as bold and funky for his newly purchased Airbnb property in Brighton. In a highly competitive market, John wanted to use our unique pieces of furniture to stand out from the crowd and entice guests to his Airbnb. He commissioned 2 dressing tables with stools and 5 bedside cabinets to go in the various bedrooms in his Airbnb.


“… Really creative and highly professional at all times I can certainly recommend Flip It & Restore It for unique and creative one-off furniture…”

JOHN – Client





John was very clear that he wanted the Queen Anne-style legs on the dressing tables and the exposed wood tops. We agreed on paint colours, and the wallpaper to be incorporated into all the pieces to tie them together but beyond that, John very much left it in our hands to create the magic!

The two paint colours we used were Annabell Duke Emerald City because this was the colour of the dressing table John had seen initially and loved; Bunty’s Black Cherry because the walls of the Airbnb were going to be painted in a deep purple shade. We paired this with a bold yellow tropical print wallpaper to complement both the green/teal and purple paint. John also used this same wallpaper on the walls of the Airbnb!





When John sent us the professional images that had been taken of the Airbnb, both Stuart and I immediately said “wow!”. It looked amazing, and to see our furniture as part of it, we felt immensely proud and happy that we could help John create his amazing and unique Airbnb!


May 21, 2024