Map of the World

John contacted us to restore his 70’s Map of the World coffee table.


“… Got a Map of The World coffee table in the 70s, brass surround glass top on hardwood legs looking sorry for itself Brenda and Stu bought back to life. Thanks very much. Very good, even put pads on the bottom so wouldn’t scratch the floor. Great job Cheers…”

JOHN – Client





The first step was to dismantle the table so Stu could work on each part individually for the restoration.

First, the brass framing around the table and the brass cuffs around the legs were removed and polished back to their brassy best.

Then the glass was removed, cleaned and buffed to remove as many scratches as possible.

Finally, the old varnish was removed from the wood. John wanted the wood colour to better match the wood accents in their living room, so once the old varnish was removed, a stain was added to get the wood closer in colour.





Finally, the table was reassembled and resealed around the brass frame. Ready to go back home, the table looked much better than it did when it arrived in the workshop!


May 21, 2024