Chest of Drawers

Heirloom Update

I happened to meet Monica because she was getting rid of some furniture from her parent’s house and there was a dressing table which I loved the look of. While picking it up, a chest of drawers also caught my eye, but Monica wanted to hold onto them for sentimental reasons. Monica then approached us to refinish the drawers in a style that would suit her home and decor.


“… Omg love it!…”

MONICA – Client





This chest of drawers is a beautiful set of Harris Lebus drawers that date back to the 1930s-1950s, which Monica had inherited. She remembered the handles being quite old and being on the drawers when she was a young girl.

Monica knew she wanted the drawers to be dark blue and liked the Art Deco style but wasn’t 100% sure about a specific design, so we created a mood board with some inspiration photos. We included furniture pieces with similar Art Deco designs as well as different wallpapers to line the drawers with.  Monica immediately fell in love with the gold stripes for the front of the drawers and the bird wallpaper to line the drawers.





Having agreed on a design, we got to work transforming the chest of drawers. Monica wanted to retain those original handles but to update them to fit with the design of the drawers, so we painted them in a gold gilding wax.

As Monica lives locally to us, we were able to deliver her drawers to her personally and see them in their new home! It was so nice to be able to see her reaction to the drawers when we arrived with them (she was very pleased!)

These are some of our favourite pieces of furniture to refinish. The ones that have sentimental value to a person, and rather than just get rid of them because they look dated, have them redesigned in a way to fit in their home for years to come.


May 21, 2024