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How much do you charge for a furniture commission?

The cost of a furniture commission varies depending on the size, complexity, and materials used in the piece. To get a personalised quote, simply fill in the details about your project to get a quote!

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Do I need to pay a deposit to book a commission?

Yes, I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your commission date and the remaining 50% is due before dispatch. Have a look at the commissions’ process page for more information.

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How long does a commission take?

Once I start working on your piece, it should take 4-6 weeks as a rough estimate.

What is your process for refinishing furniture?

The process always starts with a good quality piece of furniture. My next step is to thoroughly clean and sand the piece to remove any scratches or unevenness and repair any damage for a smooth surface.

Throughout the process, I use good quality products to achieve a showstopper final finish. When I am finished, all the pieces are structurally sound and fit for purpose. Doors, drawers and hinges all work as they should.

The outcome is an exceptional piece of furniture that will enhance your home interior.

As much as I can, I try to use eco-friendly products and materials to minimise my impact on the environment.

What can I expect with pre-loved furniture?

As with all pre-loved furniture, they may show evidence of their past life with the occasional minor dent or imperfection. Major imperfections are always addressed and repaired to a high standard, but I believe small marks tell the story of the piece’s history and add to its charm.

As this item is hand-painted, it may also show faint brush marks and texture, which adds to the uniqueness and character of the piece.

Please also note that due to lighting, colours may vary slightly from those in the photos. Please kindly keep this in mind during your purchase.

What paint do you use?

I use a variety of different high-quality paint brands and the type of paint I use will be determined by the finish and style you want for your piece of furniture.

Can you find furniture to certain specifications?

Yes, I can help! My sourcing service goes beyond my current stock to track down the elusive furniture piece you’ve been searching for. I’ll send photos, dimensions, and an estimated price to ensure it fits your vision and budget.

I Love a piece that's already sold, can you make another one?

Yes, I can make something similar. I promise my clients that I will never exactly replicate a piece so that everyone who has a piece of furniture from me, knows that it is the only one in the world! We can work together to find a design that is perfect for you and your home.

I am not sure what design I want, can you help?

Absolutely! As part of the free consultation call, I will get an idea of what your existing home decor is like, what styles you like (and more importantly, don’t like!). Then I will go away and moldboard some design options to help bring it to life so you can see how it might look. Have a look at the commissions’ process page for more information.

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Can you paint my furniture?

Yes, of course! Have a look at the services I offer for more information.

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Do you deliver?

Yes, of course! Have a look at the delivery page for more information.

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How do I look after my furniture?

If your furniture has been painted, it will come with care instructions and a small pot of paint in case you need to do any touch-ups in the future. Have a look at the furniture care page for more information.

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